Clear the Shelters Pet Adoption Event

NBC Logo with Pit-mix Zeus smiling at the camera

August 9th, 2018 – Join us on Saturday, August 18th for our annual 2018 "Clear the Shelters" pet adoption event in conjunction with NBC Universal and Telemundo, at the Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center. Come fall in love with any of the 25 cats/kittens, 61 dogs, 5 rabbits, or pair-bonded guinea pigs, and bring them home at reduced cost adoption fees.

One such animal is “Zeus,” a 3 year-old pit-mix, who came into the Islip Animal shelter as a stray with swollen eyes, a severe skin infection and an aggressive temperament. Zeus was hairless with hindered vision, and was in such physical pain that his aggression necessitated that the shelter post a caution warning on his cage.

Zeus looking up at the camera, standing on green grass

Prior to arriving at the shelter, Zeus had not received appropriate medication or care. It is suspected that he had been in and out of a several homes over the course of only a few months. His owner was traced via chip and was notified of Zeus’s condition. Zeus was never picked up.

Once under the care of the Town of Islip Animal Shelter, Zeus’s infection was treated, his symptoms cleared and his temperament shifted 180 degrees. “Sweet and mushy,” Zeus is now a happy and completely healthy young dog, looking to find a forever home. He can still be shy and will bark, but is improving each day as he awaits adoption.

We hope you will join us on Saturday, August 18th for the “Clear the Shelters” pet adoption event. Find your new best friend, and help give wonderful pets like Zeus the forever home they deserve!

Zeus smiling as another pooch sniffs his cheek

The Islip Animal Shelter is located at 210 South Denver Ave. in Bay Shore.
For more information, please call (631) 224-5660.

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