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A Message from the Supervisor

“Welcome to Islip, the 3rd largest town in New York State, but with an endearing small town feel. We are so proud of our town…our beaches, golf courses, marinas, parks, housing opportunities for all, businesses, industrial parks, healthcare and educational institutions including our own Islip MacArthur Airport that provides many job opportunities. I sincerely hope you find this website helpful.” Angie

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Sun. 26 Apr, 2020

There are no events on this day.

Mon. 27 Apr, 2020

There are no events on this day.

Tue. 28 Apr, 2020

Thunderbirds, Blue Angels America Strong Flyover

Tue. 28 Apr, 2020 12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

Keep Your Eyes on the Skies for the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels America Strong Flyover, Tuesday, April 28th

Flyer announcing flight path of fly over air show supporting COVID-19 responders

Wed. 29 Apr, 2020

WRAP- Metal/Glass/Plastic

All day

Tin and beverage cans, license plates, glass bottles (without the lids), Number 1 &2 plastic containers that hold soda, detergent, shampoo, milk or water.


For more information, or if you need a WRAP Pail, please visit the Department of Environmental Control webpage.

View the 2019 WRAP CALENDAR

We Recycle America Proudly (WRAP)

Contact : Enviromental Control (631) 595-3630

Thu. 30 Apr, 2020

April 30th Town of Islip Bid Openings LIVE STREAM

Thu. 30 Apr, 2020 11:00 am

Watch the stream LIVE on April 30th at 11:00 am

Visit the Town of Islip Youtube Channel

Fri. 1 May, 2020

Sat. 2 May, 2020

There are no events on this day.