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Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application

Canopy / Tent Permit

The Town of Islip Planning and Fire Prevention Offices are now issuing Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit/Tent Permit Applications for bars and restaurants through October 31, 2021. Bars and restaurants that wish to apply for or extend their current outdoor dining permit can do so by completing the Temporary Outdoor Dining Application – March 17, 2021. Permits will be valid from the date they are issued through October 31, 2021.

The simple, no fee application is available on the Town of Islip website. Complete applications are typically reviewed and approved within a few hours of submission.

The submission of an extended outdoor dining/tent permits will evaluate:

  • The ability of structures to withstand the elements of weather, which may now include snow accumulations.

  • Exits remain open at all times or are covered in a manner approved by the State Fire code.

  • The installation of lighted exit signs and the illumination of exit paths

  • All heating equipment needs to be listed for the use of heating tents and is installed in accordance with all NYS Uniform Fire & Building Codes. (The use of typical propane outdoor heaters found at home improvement centers will not meet this requirement and cannot be used under or near tents.)

  • No heating equipment shall be located within 10 ft. of exits or combustible materials.

  • Propane tanks shall be separated from the tent and exits, and should be placed in a location that protects them from damage or tampering.

  • Carbon monoxide alarms shall be installed in all locations when using fuel fired equipment.

Once the fire prevention office has conducted an onsite inspection, each business shall post an occupant load sign in a conspicuous location.

Click the hyperlink below to access the updated temporary outdoor dining application:

March 17, 2021 – Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application