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“Welcome to Islip, the 3rd largest town in New York State, but with an endearing small town feel. We are so proud of our town…our beaches, golf courses, marinas, parks, housing opportunities for all, businesses, industrial parks, healthcare and educational institutions including our own Islip MacArthur Airport that provides many job opportunities. I sincerely hope you find this website helpful.” Angie


Town to Enact Quality of Life Court


Town of Islip residents will hopefully be able to resolve town code violations locally at Town Hall through the Town’s Quality of Life Court, rather than traveling to 5th District Court in Ronkonkoma. At Tuesday’s Town Board meeting, the Islip Town Board unanimously approved the first step, advertising for a public hearing to enact Local Law 4, establishing chapter 69 of the Islip Town code, entitled “Bureau of Administrative Adjudication.”

“This will help us address many of the quality-of-life issues here in our Town, and resolve them quickly, conveniently and directly with our residents. Far too often, these matters get hung up in District Court, being postponed repeatedly, rather than being addressed and resolved. The objective is to answer any additional questions residents may have, with the goal being compliance,” said Islip Town Supervisor, Angie Carpenter. The court will address civil violations such as violations for decks; pools; un-registered vehicles; litter and debris and building permits.

Proceedings are expected to occur twice a month, and will be handled by a rotation of four administrative law judges appointed. Representatives from the Town’s various departments will be on hand to facilitate the process. Town of Islip’s court is anticipated to begin in 2025. This is something that is already being done in the towns of Huntington and Babylon.

Public comment can be made during the hearing set for Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 at 2:00pm at Islip Town Hall, or to the Islip Town Clerk via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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