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“Welcome to Islip, the 3rd largest town in New York State, but with an endearing small town feel. We are so proud of our town…our beaches, golf courses, marinas, parks, housing opportunities for all, businesses, industrial parks, healthcare and educational institutions including our own Islip MacArthur Airport that provides many job opportunities. I sincerely hope you find this website helpful.” Angie

Town employees wearing purple in groupm photo in support of PS I LOVE YOU DAY

January 11th, 2022 P.S. I Love You Day is held every second Friday of February. February 11, 2022 marks the 12th year of P.S. I Love You Day.

Created by the DiPalma family of West Islip after losing a loved-one to suicide, the family's mission is to bring awareness to the importance of mental health and decrease bullying.

"We strongly believe that by educating students earlier about mental health, the conversation will be easier to discuss and students will be able to recognize when they or others around them need help. On the second Friday of every February, we encourage communities to wear purple in order to foster kindness and a welcoming environment, and educate others that mental health is just as important as physical health," according to the P.S. I Love You website.

On this day we ask everyone to wear purple to stand up against bullying, help end depression, and ultimately prevent suicide. We hope that on this day you walk around your community, school, or work office and see a sea of purple. We hope that you hear nothing but positive messages that make you feel special, loved, and remind you, that you are never alone.

"Mental health concerns have become a primary focus across all generations in recent years, as a result of the pandemic, isolation and the negative affects of social media. I am encouraging anyone who may feel they need help to please contact a mental health professional and utilize the link below for resources," said Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter.

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